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2017-04 Minnesota Threatened and Endangered Species Act


2014-01 Sulfide Mining
2014-06 SNAs  

2013-03 Minnesota Frac Sand Mining

2012-06 Yellowstone Cattle Buffer
2012-07 MN Wolf Hunting Season

2011-04 Lead Ammunition   

2010-10 Tool...Land Conservation
2010-06 Invasive Species
2010-05 Northmet Strip Mining

Population Res 1992-2004

Issues and Concerns

Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico


If you’d like to make a difference, the IWLA is the group to join. Your thoughts can truly be implemented into action at local, state and national levels, and our efforts do indeed make a difference. There would be no Boundary Waters without the Minnesota Ikes. Voyageurs National Park may not have happened. Several National Wildlife Refuges would not be here in Minnesota, and government’s wildlife, forestry, and fisheries policies have all benefited from our input. To learn more about our accomplishments in our state, read about Minnesota Ikes and the BWCA. And if you think we're just living in the past, make sure you read the above issues to understand the projects we're involved in locally.

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